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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important too us.

We do not intentionally track you for your personal information but your IP address may be used by our internet hosting provider to help us understand trends and tracking on our website, I.E. how you found our website or which pages are visited most frequently.

We will never sell your infomation to any third party sources.

When you contact us we will reply to you as requested.

If you request an estimate for our services we will keep a history of requested services and prices on file for our reference.

If you choose not to use our services we will not contact you unless you request us to do so again.

If you choose to use our sevices we may contact you in the years following to remind you who we are and what we did previously to see if you need any additional services.

If you pay by credit card your information may be taken over the phone and will be destroyed after your charges are processed.

If you have any questions, please CONTACT US.


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