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Exterior House Washing

Exterior Mold
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Did you know that Mold & Mildew affects as many as 29 percent of us with allergic reactions? It is true; these unwanted growths are the third most common allergic agents, according to New York Clinical Ecologist, Dr. Alfred V. Zamm. After mold finds damp, warm, poorly ventilated area, mold immediately starts to reproduce, bloom, then send new spores floating though the air looking for more areas to infest. There are approximately 100,000 species of fungi known, but to be more specific, our exterior house mold is called Aspergillus Niger or Black Bread Mold.

One other type of mold that we are seeing more of is Sphaerobolus Stellatus, aka Shotgun Fungus, aka Artillery Fungus. This fungus is not always noticed until all of the other contaminates on your siding is removed. We will do what we can but these stuck on spors may still be visible upon completion of washing. For more information please read ARTILLERY FUNGUS.

Specifications for Exterior House Washing


House Corner Mold
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