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Deck Stain Colors

(We recommend the following oil based wood preservative colors in semi-transparent tones (wood grain still visible). However if you already have or prefer to use a solid color (no visible wood) we can re-apply the same or similar color of your liking.)

Deck Stain Colors

Professional strength, deep penetrating wood protectant system which protects wood from water absorption and ultraviolet light.

Minimizes grain cracking, cupping, curling, warping, surface erosion, water absorption and is resistant to mildew, algae and moss. High solids, heavy duty formulation which enhances structural integrity, adds lubrication and flexibility while enhancing the natural warmth and beauty of new and aged wood.

Will not crack, peel or blister making maintenance an easy task to perform for extended wood protection.

8 popular colors and clear.

We highly recommend maintanence cleaning and staining to flat (horizontal) surfaces every two years. Verticals are recommened to be re-stained every four years.

NOTE: Color tones will vary slightly due to age of wood. Older wood will absorb more solids and color where newer wood will absorb less. We do want to wait about 3 months prior to staining a newly built deck in order to let the pressure treating chemicals to dry in the wood. Colors also need up to two months to fully cure.

Please see our: Tips for Maintaning your deck link.


Clear provides protection from moisture and elements but not UV Rays. The wood will still gray naturally under the coating.

Deck with clear sealant
Deck floor with clear sealant


Cedar is a light almost natural color for wood. Though don't be suprised, first application is really dark!

Fence with cedar stain
Deck floor with cedar stain


Gold has a tone to really make the deck stand out. It's a lighter color but really makes a statement.

Deck with gold stain
Deck floor with gold stain

California Cedar

California Cedar is a little darker brown tone. This is our most popular color. It blends nicely with brick as well as other style/colors of siding.

Deck with california cedar stain
Fence with california cedar stain


Russet is a brown with redish tones. Very beautiful against a brick house background.

Deck with russet stain
Deck stairs with russet stain


Butternut is the darker brown tone. This is also a very popular color in our area.

Deck with butternut stain
Deck pergola with butternut stain

Slate Gray

Slate Gray gives a colored gray tone as if the wood has naturally aged. While still providing protection from natures elements and UV Rays.

Deck with slate gray stain
Deck floor with slate gray stain

Cedar Slate

Cedar Slate is as it sounds, a mix of Cedar and Slate. This gives a color tone of grays with brown mixed in.

Deck with cedar slate stain
Deck floor with cedar slate stain


Sandstone is a mix of Slate and Gold. This gives more brown over the gray to the color tone.

Deck with sandstone stain
Deck floor with sandstone stain

Solid Stain Colors

For Solid color stains, please refer to Sherwin Williams Exterior Deck Stain Colors and select opacity: Solid. Please whatever you choose, Do Not put Paint on your deck, use an exterior stain formulated for pressure treated lumber.


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